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Firefly Electronics
Firefly 3 Slave Unit
THE infra-red triggered slave unit with pre-flash compensation for multiple flash digital cave photography.
Der Infrarotblitzauslöser mit Vorblitzkompensation für Höhlenfotografie digital.
Déclencheur automatique de flash à infrarouge en photo spéléologique pour caméras digitales avec pre-flash.


Preis/Price/Prix: 79.90 Euro

Firefly 2

Firefly 3 Operation
This slave unit is designed for use with digital cameras that produce multiple flashes before taking a picture (pre-flashes).

Just plug the slave unit into your flashgun and you are almost ready to shoot! Most digital cameras work first time with the default settings of the Firefly 3. In other cases you can use the learning feature of this unit to train for your camera's unique sequence of flashes. Once learnt the attached flashgun will go off on the last flash each time for a perfect shot.

If you do not want to use the illumination from the camera flashgun, to avoid "misty" pictures, then you can tape the infra red filter provided to the camera flash window to provide an infra red only flash. The slave unit will be triggered, but no visible light will come from the trigger flashgun.

Firefly 3 Slave Unit Specifications
Compact & Light
Dimensions - 60 x 40 x 19 mm.
Weighs only 70g.
Range: At least 10m in the studio, 500m in near-dark conditions.
Triggering: Infrared and visible light sensitive. New: Infra-red filter now included to make your own infra-red trigger flash gun. Ignores pre-flashes used for focus, metering and red-eye reduction.
No Misfires: Non-sensitive to torches or lamps if used at night.
Connection: Internal terminal block for ease of connection to the device of your choice or for connector replacement e.g. hot shoe adaptor.
Worry Free: No on/off switch - the unit is permanently switched on so you cannot forget to switch it off!
Economical: Battery life over a year from three silver oxide SR44 "watch" batteries or equivalent (included).
Outdoors: Easy to waterproof.
Fitting: Heavy-duty hook and loop fastener included to attach the unit to the flash gun.
Guarantee: Guaranteed against manufacturing defects for two years.