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50 Years of Texas Caving

Hardbound, 526 pages, 22.5 x 28.5 cm, 2.3 kg, 246 color photographs, 128 black/white photographs, 94 cartoons, 96 pieces of graphic art, 26 cave maps, and 23 tables, charts, and graphs. There are more than 2,000 entries in the People Index alone.

REDUCED PRICE: 41,90 Euro (originally: CHF 68.–; Euro 55.–)

This book covers the period from 1951 through 2000, but there are some notes from earlier years, and some data from later years appear in tables and elsewhere, including a short epilog. The main chronological section contains year-by-year summaries of two or three pages each. There are capsule histories of the sixty-nine Texas caving groups that have existed over the years. Next is a Serious Side section covering things like cave science and conservation, Texas cavers' work in Mexico and New Mexico, cave diving, and accidents and fatalities. A Lighter Side section describes famous parties and recounts humorous tales about things like vehicular misadventures. Finally there is a long section with histories of Texas's ten greatest caves and one cave in Mexico with which Texas cavers have been heavily involved, especially in restoration.

The illustrations include about 375 photos, two-thirds of them in color.

From renowned book critic Bill Mixon (disclaimer: now a Texas caver):

"I don't expect to live to see another history of an NSS region as good, or even as extensive, as 50 Years of Texas Caving."

Marvel at the charts!
Laugh at the humor!
Gasp at the photographs!
Snicker at never-before-told antics!
Grimace as dirty laundry is exposed!
Thrill to tales of death defying adventure!

For a sample from the book, view a few pages about 1978...