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Authors: Grupo Bambuí de Pesquisas Espeleológicas – André Prous, Ezio Luiz Rubbioli, Claude Chabert, Luís Beethoven Piló, Ana Elisa Brina et Lília Senna Horta

Artist: François Féderlé, 2003

Atlas do Janelão

Format: Green linen-covered cassette (30x40cm, 3.2kg) contains unbound removable pages (30 fold-out and 25 double-sided). Each Atlas is numbered in the print-run of 300. Bilingual text in French and Portugese. Artistic water-colored sectional maps, drawings and paintings, color as well as b&w photos.


Atlas do Janelão is a unique work which relates a triple adventure of speleology, art and publishing. It tells the unusual story of exploration and mapping of a huge cave, the Lapa (cave) do Janelão, formed by Rio Peruaçu, in the center of Brazil, state of Minais Gerais. From 1991 to 1999, under Claude Chabert’s impetus, French and Brazilian cavers met every year to map this magnificent cave.

   The meticulous work imposed upon them in this difficult and dark environment never dampened the team’s enthusiasm and admiration for this gigantic cave lighted up in places by vertical shafts. Photos, drawings, informative and poetical texts give evidence of this.




Wanting to add an artistic dimension to this adventure, Claude took his friend, the painter François Féderlé on the Brazilian trails leading to the cave. There François made oil and watercolor paintings of the lapa do Janelão, then added colors  to all the cave maps, thus giving a refined look to this strange world.

   The result is a sumptuous and extraordinary book, enchanting cave lovers and offering an original approach to the underground world for all.