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Neil Silverwood/ Marcus Thomas, 2017
Exploring New Zealand's Subterranean Wilderness

Language: english
Pages: 312
Illustrations: maps, diagrams und many fabulous photos
Format: 25 x 31 cm

Hardback (2,5 kg weight): 62.90 Euro



During a walk down the Pearse River in 2013, Marcus Thomas and Neil Silverwood realised they shared a dream to produce a book showcasing ten of New Zealand’s most amazing cave systems.
Caves: Exploring New Zealand's Subterranean Wilderness brings to light the exploration of the country’s longest, deepest, and most important systems over the last 67 years.
Produced as a case-bound, large format publication, the book features over 300 pages of photographs, text, maps and diagrams.
It is a magnificent work: fabulous photos, many of which cover a page and a half of this wide (400 mm) format book; detailed maps of each cave system included; a glossary; an explanation of the country’s cave geology and even information about how caves are surveyed.

Neil Silverwood is a professional photographer from the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island. He specialises in photographing places many would consider too difficult or dangerous. Assignments have been as varied as exploring New Zealand’s wildest canyons to capturing skiing in war-torn Afghanistan. Neil regularly shoots for a range of magazines both within New Zealand and around the World but this project to photograph the diversity of New Zealand’s caves has been his most difficult to date.

Marcus Thomas is a graphic designer and writer/photographer based in Wellington. He has spent a lifetime exploring New Zealand’s underground wilderness and is at the forefront of exploration in New Zealand’s longest cave system, Bulmer Cavern. Among his many adventures, Marcus and his partner Linda are raising a family and encouraging them to venture into the outdoors.