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Jose Ayrton Labegalini, 2015
Fifty Years of the UIS: 1965 – 2015
A journey in the caves of Mexico

Hardbound, 18 x 22 cm, 522 pages, black/white and colour photos.

35.– Euro


1) Introduction

2) The beginnings of speleology

3) The beginnings of organized speleology

4) The UIS and its organization

5) Documents of the UIS

6) Information Access via the UIS

7) Relationship of UIS with other institutions

8) The International Congress of Speleology

9) Departments, Commissions and Working Groups

10) History of the UIS from the point of view of its Presidents

11) History of the UIS from the point of view of the Secretaries General

12) Miscellaneous Information, the useful and the not-so-useful


UIS : Union Internationale de Spéléologie

International Union of Speleology