The Hidden River Expedition 2002

China Caves Project

List of maps, surveys an illustrations / Introduction / Dashiwei Cave - into the Hidden River / Caves of the Bei Zhong Area - the Resurgence / Caves of the Hua Ping Area - resumed search for the Hidden River / Caves of the La Bia Area - the search continues / Caves of the Yun Lai Area / Caves of the Da Ping Area / Caves of the La Lei Area / Caves of the Leye Town Area / Caves of the Lao Shah & Pin Zar Areas / The Madrong area on outlying karst region / Conclusion - by Ged Campion

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Published by: China Caves Project
language: english
printing: 2002
pages: 94
illustration: colour and b/w, Maps
format: A4
cover: papierback

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