Caves and Karst of the Yorkshire Dales - Volume 1

by Tony Waltham and David Lowe
This book presents an overview of all aspects of the great cave systems and spectacular karst landforms in the limestone terrain of the Yorkshire Dales. Thirty-one authors, all experts in their fields, have produced authoritative and up-to-date texts, which have been drawn together by editors Tony Waltham and David Lowe, each of whom has extensive experience of the Dales, both above and below ground. Volume One, published in 2013, contains all the overview chapters covering individual aspects of the geomorphology, speleology and science relevant to the Yorkshire Dales.

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Chapter 1: The Yorkshire Dales by Tony WALTHAM and David LOWE
Chapter 2: Geology of the Limestones by Colin WATERS and David LOWE
Chapter 3: Glaciation and Quaternary Evolution by Wishart MITCHELL
Chapter 4: Karst Geomorphology by Tony WALTHAM
Chapter 5: Limestone Pavements by Simon WEBB
Chapter 6: Travertine and Tufa by Allan PENTECOST
Chapter 7: Cave Geomorphology by Tony WALTHAM and Phil MURPHY
Chapter 8: Geological Influences on the Caves by David LOWE
Chapter 9: Hydrogeology of the Karst by John GUNN and Simon BOTTRELL
Chapter 10: Chronology of the Caves by Alf LATHAM and Derek FORD
Chapter 11: Speleothems and Palaeoclimates by Tim ATKINSON and Phil HOPLEY
Chapter 12: Holocene Environments by Margaret ATHERDEN
Chapter 13: Cave Biology by Graham PROUDLOVE
Chapter 14: Bats in the Caves by John ALTRINGHAM and Anita GLOVER
Chapter 15: Cave Palaeontology by Terry O'CONNOR and Tom LORD
Chapter 16: Cave Archaeology by Tom LORD and John HOWARD

Published by: British Cave Research Association
ISBN No.: 978-0-900265-46-4

language: english
printing: 2013
pages: 255
illustration: all in colour, with 165 maps and diagrams, 49 tables, and 354 photographs
format: A4
cover: softback

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