Albania Canyoning 2023

from Pascal van Duin

After 6 years of explorations i can offer this guidebook that is covering all the country of Albania.

Detailed informations for each route:
Altitude and length, ropes necessary, shuttle
Drainage basin area, difficulty, bolt quality
Timing of the route and exposition.
Map with canyon, parkings, trails, scale
QR code to scan and reach the lower parking.
Historic information about First Descent team.
GPS point for parkings and canyon start/end.

49 main canyons
35 secondary canyons
General informations about Albania, bolts rating, beauty rating, difficulty scale, water dangers.
Canyons organised by Prefecture or group of Prefectures.
33 profiles, 48 maps, photos for each canyon.

25,00 EUR

incl. 7% value added tax plus shipping
Weight: 0.23 kg

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Verlag: Edizioni TopCanyon
Language: english
Erscheinungsdatum: 2023
Pages: 150
Einband: softcover

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