• SPAR – Expedition and Small Party Assisted Rescue

    SPAR – Expedition and Small Party Assisted Rescue

    The skills and techniques presented in this manual have also been referred to as Small Party Self Rescue, or ... more

    90,00 EUR*

  • I like to move it!

    I like to move it!

    Flaschenzüge in der Seiltechnik. Umfangreicher Leitfaden für Anforderungen, Gefährdungsanalysen und ... more

    55,00 EUR*

  • Alpine Caving Techniques

    Alpine Caving Techniques

    A definitive source for vertical and horizontal caving techniques among cavers worldwide ... more

    35,00 EUR*

  • Caving Technical Guide

    Caving Technical Guide

    This guide discribes the different techniques and equipment used underground, including moving through the cave ... more

    24,00 EUR*

  • Cave Rescuers Manual

    Cave Rescuers Manual

    Comprising almost 100 pages, the manual deals with the equipment and techniques needed to evacuate a casualty .. more

    15,00 EUR*

  • Kleines Handbuch für Höhlenbefahrung

    Kleines Handbuch für Höhlenbefahrung

    Dieses kleine Handbuch dient als Unterstützung der praktischen Instruktion zur "Seiltechnik" im Bereich von Höhlen ... more

    12,90 EUR*

  • On Call

    On Call

    Intended to serve as a comprehensive reference for those interested in cave rescue ... more

    39,00 EUR*

  • On Station

    On Station

    A Complete Handbook for Surveying and Mapping Caves ... more

    40,00 EUR*

  • Höhlenvermessung


    In diesem Buch wird das nötige Grundwissen für die Vermessung von Höhlen für die ersten Schritte vermittelt .. more

    19,90 EUR*

  • Fahrt in die Tiefe

    Fahrt in die Tiefe

    ein praktisches Handbuch für alle, die der Faszination Höhle erlegen sind. Erfahrene Speläologen ... more

    19,80 EUR*

  • Manuel Technique de Plongee souterraine

    Manuel Technique de Plongee souterraine

    La plonge´e souterraine constitue pour le spe´le´ologue un outil pour aller plus loin dans ses explorations. Elle est en ... more

    30,90 EUR*

  • Cave Conservation and Restoration

    Cave Conservation and Restoration

    Following an introduction, Part Two describes current concepts and practices in cave conservation. Identifying/protectin ... more

    36,90 EUR*

  • Images Below

    Images Below

    A clear and comprehensive how-to-do-it recipe book packed with numerous tips ... more

    29,00 EUR*

  • On Caves and Cameras

    On Caves and Cameras

    Whether you are just beginning to take pictures with a point-and-shoot camera or have many years of ... more

    36,00 EUR*

  • To Photograph Darkness

    To Photograph Darkness

    Here is a fascinating and highly readable account of the history of underground photography ... more

    25,00 EUR*

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