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  • Symphonie en sous-sol / Underground symphony

    Symphonie en sous-sol / Underground symphony

    On the occasion of the International Year of Caves and Karst in 2021, the authors Philippe Crochet und Annie Guiraud offer a selection of their most beautiful underground photos, displayed in a 340-page bilingual (french and english) volume. more

    65,00 EUR*

  • ‘Hidden Worlds’ By Robbie Shone

    ‘Hidden Worlds’ By Robbie Shone

    ‘Hidden Worlds’ is a collection of images showcasing the most exquisite mastery of lowlight photography. more

    54,90 EUR*

  • Lechuguilla Cave -Discoveries in a Hidden Splendor

    Lechuguilla Cave -Discoveries in a Hidden Splendor

    Lechuguilla Cave (New Mexico, USA) is one of the most beautiful caves on Earth. Since its discovery in 1986, more than 240 kilometers of cave has been explored – with no end in sight. Owing to its geologic setting and unusual process of formation, the cave contains a remarkable diversity of rare minerals and formations, which have helped change our understanding of how caves form and the microbial life they can contain. more

    59,90 EUR*

  • Caves - Exploring New Zealand’s

    Caves - Exploring New Zealand’s

    This fantastic photographic book brings to light the exploration of the country’s longest, deepest, and most important systems over the last ... more

    48,90 EUR*

  • New Zealand Karst

    New Zealand Karst

    A voyage across limestone landscapes into the subterranean realm of caves New Zealand Karstis a high-quality coffee-table book by geoscientist and photographer Max Wisshak... more

    49,90 EUR*

  • SPAR – Expedition and Small Party Assisted Rescue

    SPAR – Expedition and Small Party Assisted Rescue

    The skills and techniques presented in this manual have also been referred to as Small Party Self Rescue, or ... more

    80,00 EUR*

  • Le Karst Comtois n°3

    Le Karst Comtois n°3

    Plus de 200 pages avec une impression quadrichromie de qualité, couverture cartonnée collée. Les articles sont classés par zone géologique et illustrés de photographies, topographies, cartes documentées, schémas et diagrammes. Les cartouches de situation, spéléométrie, bibliographie sont normalisés. La nature de l’article est indiquée. more

    20,90 EUR*

  • Karst, Caves and People

    Karst, Caves and People

    Through numerous photographs and schematic models, the book tries to explain scientific findings about karst processes, formation of different surface forms and cave types, as... more

    29,90 EUR*

  • Canyoning in New Zealand

    Canyoning in New Zealand

    Es werden 51 Canyonklassiker von Neuseeland ausführlich beschrieben ... more

    42,90 EUR*

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In 2017 we got the chance to continue the work of the esteemed and in speleology circles worldwide known publisher "Speleo Projects".

We hope you enjoy browsing and reading our new bookshop!

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