Swiss Alps Canyoning Vol 2.0

The canyoning topo book describes 92 canyons in the Swiss Alps, with additional information of over 250 secondary canyons.
Trümmelbach I-V, Chärstelenbach, Aua dil Mer, Sandbach sup, Usedi, Cramosina…all the new famous canyons from Switzerland which were not covered in the Swiss Alps Canyoning Vol. 1.0 are published in this book. Additional to that, the whole Ticino region with over 200 canyons is described in the book too.

42,00 EUR

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Published by: Association Openbach
language: english
published: December 2020
pages: 288
illustration: all printed in color with more than 350 photos, 86 maps, 88 canyon profiles + sector maps
format: 17 x 24 cm
cover: softcover

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