Arthur N. Palmer

Cave Geology is the definitive book on the subject by an internationally recognized authority. It can be easily understood by non-scientists but also covers a wide range of topics in enough detail to be used by advanced researchers. Illustrated with more than 500 black-and-white photographs and 250 diagrams and maps, this book is dedicated to anyone with an interest in caves and their origin.

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Evolution of Karst Aquifers

This book is a pioneer attempt by an international group of cave scientists to: summarize modem knowledge about the origin of caves in various settings; examine the variety of approaches that have been adopted; outline the role of speleogenesis in the evolution of karst aquifers. Along with some well-established theories and approaches, the book contains new concepts and ideas emerging in recent years.

Subjects Covered Include:
Evolutionary typology of karst
Geologic and hydrogeologic controls
Dissolution physics and chemistry
Finite element and laboratory modeling
Overviews on speleogenesis in coastal/ oceanic, confined, and unconfined settings deep-seated (hypogene) karstification
Over 30 representative case studies
East European-Russian research
Solutional, erosional, and breakdown morphology of caves
Formation of hydrocarbon and mineral deposits. Role of speleogenesis in the formation of karst aquifers
Water problems and land use in karstic terraines

Published by: National Speleological Society
ISBN No.: 1-879961-09-1
language: english
printing: 2000
pages: 527
illustration: graphics, b/w photos, maps
format: 22 x 28,5 cm
cover: hardcover

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